Virtual Tour

Welcome to a virtual tour of Cathedral Counseling Center. The photos below are offered to give you a preview of our main office at 50 East Washington in Chicago's Loop. 


Main Office: 50 East Washington Street

Our building is on the north side of the street, between Wabash and Michigan Avenues. Just through the doors you'll walk through a small lobby, past a security desk to the elevators. Take an elevator to the 3rd floor.



Security Desk: 50 East Washington

After 6 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturday you will need to sign in with building security upon entering the building. You may write your initials or “Cathedral Counseling” on the register instead of your name if you prefer.



Entrance to Suite 301

Cathedral Counseling Center is in Suite 301, directly opposite the elevators. If the receptionist has stepped away, you may need to ring the bell.



Welcome to Cathedral

When you arrive for an appointment, please check in with the receptionist. On your first visit, the receptionist will provide paperwork for you to complete.



Check-In Phone

When you arrive for an appointment, use the check-in phone in the reception area to let your therapist know you have arrived.



Waiting Room

When it is time for your appointment your therapist will meet you in the waiting room. As a courtesy to our clients, we ask that people do not use cell phones in the waiting room.



Individual Therapy Room

This is one of our individual therapy rooms, each of which provides a private, comfortable, soundproof environment for counseling sessions.



Group Therapy Room

This is one of our group therapy rooms, each of which provides a comfortable, soundproof environment for small groups.




Restrooms are available just outside of the Suite 301 entrance.  Please get a key to the restrooms from the receptionist.  As you exit Suite 301, facing the elevators, the restrooms will be to your left. 



Second Entrance to Our Building

Our building has two entrances: 50 East Washington Street and 111 North Wabash Avenue. After hours and on some holidays the entrance to 50 East Washington Street may be closed. If the doors are locked, please enter at 111 North Wabash.