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Cathedral Counseling Center's Professional Development program committee is dedicated to bringing stimulating and innovative learning opportunities to the community. The long-standing workshop series offers sessions that explore timely topics in mental health led by expert professionals.


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This year's Professional Development Series explores the ways clinicians move in and out of the conventional frame of treatment to best respond to clients' needs. How does a therapist sometimes decide to vary the structure of the therapy or their use of self  to help promote growth?

Attendees will receive light refreshments and three CEUs that fulfill the Ethics licensure requirement.

The cost is $75.

A discount for students, retirees, or groups is available. 



Finding Our First Language:

Theory, Personal Idiom, and Therapeutic Action

with William Borden, PhD and Dennis McCaughan, PhD

Friday, September 14, 9:00 am - 12:15 pm

In the course of our development as clinicians we must negotiate fundamental tensions between more pure conceptions of the therapeutic endeavor and more pragmatic, provisional renderings of what we do as we carry out our practice. Some of us search for an encompassing point of view that would promise to unify our understandings of people, problems in living, and therapeutic action.  Most of us come to realize the limits of any particular thinker or paradigm, however, realizing that our grand theories inevitably fail us as we negotiate the irreducible ambiguities, complexities, and challenges of everyday practice.  In this workshop we explore orienting perspectives in the psychoanalytic tradition that deepen our appreciation of the ways in which we make use of theory as we find a 'first language' that reflects the authority of our experience and our personal idiom, values, and sensibilities.


dennis-mccaughan_web-resize.jpgDennis McCaughan, PhD, received his doctorate from the The University of Chicago in 1982. He was on the faculty of the Fellowship Program in Advanced Psychodynamic Clinical Practice at the School of Social Service Administration, the University of Chicago, and a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Clinical Social Work. His interests include the personalization of therapeutic practice, the interpersonal tradition in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, the adolescent experience, and the subjective experience of school life. Dr. McCaughan was been a consulting psychotherapist at Cathedral Counseling Center for 15 years.


william-borden_web-resize.jpgWilliam Borden, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Service Administration and Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Chicago. His fields of special interest include contemporary psychodynamic theory and practice, comparative psychotherapy, neuroscience and integrative approaches to psychosocial intervention, developmental psychology, stress and coping, the psychology of religion, and the role of the humanities in social work education.


Attendees will receive light refreshments and three CEUs that fulfill the Ethics licensure requirement.

The cost is $75.

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Each Quarter, Prominent Speakers Prompt Lively Dialogue and New Perspectives

These quarterly presentations examine subjects of interest based on feedback from Cathedral's clinical staff, social trends and evaluations of past programming. Our goals include helping clinicians maintain boundaries, insure best practices and stay creative in connecting with clients. 

Prominent national and local speakers have presented on a range of issues, including:

  • Class, Culture and Race
  • The Impact of Technology on the Therapeutic Relationship
  • Engaging the Empathic Imagination Through Narrative

Fees: $75 per session

Extras: Many sessions offer continuing education credits (CEUs) and refreshments are always available.
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Photography Exhibits, Readings and Other Gatherings With a Tie to Mental Health

Cathedral Counseling Center hosts periodic seminars and events that shed light on issues tied to mental health. These programs are not clinical per se, but offer insights on a range of topics of interest to licensed therapists, individuals who facilitate mental health care, current, former and prospective clients and anyone concerned about access to care.

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